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Address: Avenue Marnix/Marnixlaan 24, B-1000 Brussels
Tel.: + 32 2 547 21 11

ING is Belgium’s first universal direct bank.

ING Belgium services all banking customers with a wide range of financial products and via the distribution channel (click, call or face) of their choice.

ING services all customer segments: mass retail and Private Banking customers, small and medium sized companies, instititutionals and large corporates.

Our product and service offer is reflected in our core business areas being Retail & Private Banking, Corporate & Institutional Banking, Financial Markets, Investment Banking, Asset Management and Insurance (Life and non-Life).

In 2008, ING Belgium successfully changed its positioning in the mass retail market to a universal direct bank, a strategic change that also fully tuned into customers’ wishes for simplicity and easiness. We are the only Belgian bank, combining a strong network of branches with a clear online sales offer.

ING Belgium has a network of almost 800 branches, of which 230 are run by independent self-employed agents. The branch network operates via proxi-branches and full-service branches. ING’s proxi branches are built around the concept of ‘proximity’ and show virtually no division between the Self’Bank area and the rest of the branch. Full-service branches offer the full range of financial services and have a counter. Our direct distribution channels comprise internet banking, ING’s Home'Bank application, the call centre (ING Contact Centre), and close to 1,400 Self’Bank units.

ING is one of the top three players in the Belgian Private Banking market. ING Private Banking offers tailor-made advice and assistance to individuals and families with a personal property of at least one million euro. Our goal is to protect, expand, prosper and transfer their wealth..

ING’s strong position with businesses is built on its long history of strong ties in Belgium’s family business. Next to our extensive branch network, ING offers its business customers a network of business centres with Relationship Managers. ING adjusts its service to the client. We have an adapted products and services offer for midsized companies and institutional clients (public sector, non-profit,...).

Multinationals and stock listed companies are served by ING’s Commercial Banking department. ING works closely together with ING business units in other countries – also through cross-border platforms – to optimise its service to this customer segment.

The other ING business units in Belgium are: Record Bank, ING Investment Management, ING Life/Non-Life, ING Lease, ING Real Estate and ING Commercial Finance.

ING Belgium wants to play an active role in society. As part of this role, the " Philanthropic Fund ING in Belgium" was set up under the auspices of the King Baudouin Foundation. The Philanthropic Fund ING in Belgium focuses on:

  • Re-integration of young people at risk of social exclusion.
  • Helping people suffering from incurable illnesses.
  • Preserving the architectural patrimonium.

ING Belgium is also involved in the international ING Chances for Children charity programme, in collaboration with UNICEF. It aims to raise funds in all the countries where ING has a presence to give children in India, Brazil and Ethiopia access to primary education.

Through its Arts department, ING Belgium manages a major contemporary art collection and organises two exhibitions every year. ING Belgium is also proud to be a private company partnering with Europalia since its beginning.

The Executive Committee of ING Belgium SA/NV is in charge of the coordination of the ING’s operations in Belgium and Luxembourg. Rik Vandenberghe is Chief Executive Officer.

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