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ING combines its expertise in the entire agriculture and food sector in the service "Food & Agri". Thanks to our chain approach, we are familiar not only with your domain, but also with the links before and after you. This enables us to support you with full expert knowledge.

Agriculture and food: from ground to mouth

What is your place in the chain? Are you a supplier to the agriculture or horticulture sector? Do you work as a farmer or stockbreeder? Or are you a food producer? Our team of enthusiastic account managers and experts will be pleased to tell you which products are perfectly matched to your needs.

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"Food & Agri" combines three sectors: the agricultural industry, farming & horticulture, and food. Each of these sectors includes many links in the food production chain. Your ING liaison officer is familiar with these links and their mutual relationships - and therefore also familiar with your suppliers, customers, market situation, and so on. This unique chain approach, along with our enthusiasm and expertise, is the key to success for companies in the agriculture and food sector.

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Every company holds a unique place in the food production chain - including yours. At ING, we always keep the entire chain in mind when discussing your company's options. We break this down into three main sectors: agricultural industry, farming & horticulture, and food.

Listed below are some of the activities in these three sectors. This is not a complete list, but it does provide an illustration.

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Agricultural industry

The agricultural industry is the first link in the chain. It supplies raw materials, basic materials and machinery to the farming and horticultural sector:

  • production of animal feed
  • construction of sheds, stables and greenhouses
  • production and sale of farming and horticultural equipment
  • sale of seeds, fertilisers and botanical products
  • ...

Farming and horticulture

Farming and horticulture are the primary sector. This also includes some non-food activities:

  • farms with dairy cattle, beef cattle, poultry and pigs
  • farming
  • vegetable and flower cultivation
  • tree nurseries


The food sector processes and sells products from the farming and horticulture sector:

  • slaughterhouses
  • production of meat products
  • dairy industry
  • import, export and processing of vegetables, fruit and potatoes
  • industrial bakeries.
  • production of baked goods
  • breweries
  • ...


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