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The ING online service for your business or company.

ING has launched a new online service developed specifically for your business banking needs.

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One service, many possibilities

Everyday transactions such as checking your balances and making payments but also signing credit requests or loan applications, downloading personalised documents and opening business accounts or managing mandates for them... These are just a few examples of all the things you can do online!

If you choose the paid option Business’Bank Premium, you can also import payment files and receive account statements in electronic CODA format.


A user-friendly, intuitive menu

Business’Bank uses the same menu structure as our site: Day-to-day Banking, Lending, Savings and investments, Insurance, Financial markets and International. It includes all the usual functions of your online banking service together with a few new ones.

Most importantly, all the information you need about our business products and services is always just a click away.


Personalised Business’Bank

You choose which accounts are visible on your home page. And thanks to the shortcut menu, you can also carry out a number of actions for those accounts directly from your home page.

Add your frequently used options as direct links, so they are always at your fingertips on all your Business’Bank pages.

Manage your personal details, the use of your accounts and beneficiaries and your settings for Business’Bank and Mobile Banking from a single page.


Professional or individual?

From now on, use Business’Bank exclusively for your business accounts and Home’Bank for your personal accounts. This makes it easier to keep your personal and professional banking separate.

For accounts that can be used for both professional and private purposes, you can choose to have them available in Home’Bank, Business’Bank or both.


From Home’Bank to Business’Bank and back!

If you use both Home’Bank and Business’Bank, you only need to log on once to switch easily between both services thanks to the navigation setting. And if you prefer not to use this feature, you can turn it off with a single click.


Security first

Of course ING makes every effort to keep Business’Bank as secure as possible, but we need to work together to achieve maximum security. Make sure you always follow these 3 golden rules for secure online banking:

  1. Always log in to Business’Bank through the website
  2. Never share any personal details or PIN codes.
  3. Always use the number on the back of your ING bank card when you call the helpdesk.

Is there anything else you want to ask or are unsure about? All information on secure online banking is available on


Business’Bank in practice

What do you need to know on the day Business’Bank is launched? Read this important information:

  • You manage both private and business accounts with ING?

    In the past, you may have used Home’Bank or Home’Bank Plus to manage both your private and business accounts. From now on, however, your private accounts will only be available in Home’Bank and your business accounts will only be available in Business’Bank. But don’t worry. You will automatically have access to both services. You do not need to do anything further.

    And if I use one or more accounts for both private and business purposes? You can choose where to manage such accounts via "My settings". Find out how in our interactive demo. In the demo menu, click on "How can I personalise my Business’Bank?", then "Business’Bank settings" and finally "Availability of accounts > Edit".

  • You use our mobile banking apps?

    When creating a profile for our smartphone and tablet apps, you will be asked which service you wish to connect to: Home’Bank or Business’Bank? If you wish to use both your private and your business accounts for mobile banking, you may have to create an additional Mobile Banking user profile.

    How do I create an additional profile?

    • On smartphones, there are 2 ways: open the app and tap “Mobile Banking > Profiles (top right) > Add" or on "Info > Profiles > Add”.
    • On tablets, open the app and tap the "Plus icon" that appears at the bottom left of the list of existing users.

  • You have saved beneficiaries?

    If you use both Home’Bank and Business’Bank and your navigation setting is switched on, you will be able to manage all your beneficiaries together from now on. You can either view all your beneficiaries as one list or select which should be visible only in Home’Bank or Business’Bank or both. This is handy if, e.g., you have the same energy provider for your home and your business.

    More information about how to manage your beneficiaries can be found in our interactive demo : in the demo menu, click on “How can I personalise my Business’Bank?", then “My settings > Business’Bank settings” and finally "Beneficiaries > Modify".

  • You use Home’Bank Plus Offline?

    In this case, please note that Home’Bank Offline is linked to Home’Bank, and Home’Bank Plus Offline to Business’Bank. If you want to manage both your private and business accounts offline, you may have to create an additional user in your software program for the profile you do not have yet: Home’Bank or Home’Bank Plus. Offline banking with Home’Bank (Plus) Offline is only available for ING business customers.

Any further questions?

Read the Business’Bank brochure (pdf)

Read the FAQ about the launch of Business’Bank. 

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you can also manage your business accounts from your smartphone or tablet?
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Secure online banking

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