Commercial equipment

ING Business Loan

Invest in new equipment for your business

​​Looking to invest in new computers, a hip new shop front or more efficient machinery? An ING Business Loan is the fast and easy way to finance the purchase of new or second hand equipment for your business.

  • Fast application process

    Apply for this loan online and receive an answer from ING within 48 hours.

  • Simple terms and conditions

    The interest rate, term and repayments of your loan are fixed in advance.

  • Tax-deductible business expenses

    All interest payments and the arrangement fee can be included in your tax return.

An ING Business Loan is a term loan used to finance purchases for your company or business.


  • You can borrow between 2,000 and 999,999 euros to finance your business purchase in full or in part (excluding VAT).
  • You receive your funds as a single payment into your ING current account or directly to your supplier.


  • You can count on a fixed interest rate for the entire term of your contract.
  • You repay the amount via fixed, regular instalments (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually), which are automatically deducted from your ING current account.


The term depends on the amount you borrow, your repayment capacity and the nature of the goods or equipment being financed.

You pay a small, one-off arrangement fee based on the amount you borrow.