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Spend your working capital on what is really important

Are you in the market for a new vehicle? Or do you need to upgrade your commercial fleet? ING’s lease formulas offer you a highly flexible and cost-effective solution! ING Lease buys the vehicle on your behalf and leases it to you for a set period, leaving your working capital free for other expenses or investments. At the end of the lease period, you have the option of purchasing the vehicle for a previously agreed price.

  • Easy form of financing

    Because ING Lease buys the goods and becomes their owner, fewer guarantees are required. It is usually possible to provide a higher amount (depending on the type of goods) than for a traditional loan.

  • You only pay rent on your new equipment.

    You only pay for the goods' use. This allows you to use cars, company buildings or other heavy company equipment without making any major investments yourself.

  • You save your working capital for other investments.

    Leasing allows you to spend your working capital on what is really important: your business.

  • You will enjoy tax concessions

    Some leasing contracts can be entered as off balance or directly in the income statement off the balance sheet. This is interesting, because in that case the lease payments may be tax-deductible. If you lease heavy equipment, you also avoid the withholding tax you would pay if you bought the equipment yourself. ING Lease pays all VAT when it purchases the equipment. By concluding a leasing contract, you can spread the VAT across the lease payments.

  • You have a range of possibilities

    You can contact ING to lease cars, trucks, IT equipment, company equipment, real estate and care homes or to finance all types of green energy.

  • You will receive a tailor-made contract

    You choose what to buy and you negotiate with the supplier in person. You also determine the frequency of your lease payments. What you do after the lease period is also up to you: you can buy, sell or continue to lease the goods.

Leasing is a form of credit in which ING Lease (the lessor) buys goods for you (the lessee), such as a computer server, a van or real estate. ING Lease pays for the purchase and becomes the owner, but you get to use the goods for a predetermined period if you make regular lease payments. At the end of the contract, you can buy the goods and become their final owner.

Leasing is an easy form of financing for the self-employed, businesses, independent professionals, tradesmen and public institutions.

A lease contract offers you the option to buy the goods at the end of the contract. Of course, you will not pay the amount ING Lease paid originally. You only pay the residual value. Depending on this residual value, the leasing is processed differently in the accounting.

The residual value is less than 15% of the original investment amount (on balance)

The leasing is considered as an investment. The goods you lease are included in the asset side of your balance sheet. The interests are entered as costs on the income statement.

Your benefits

  • Both the amortisation and the interest offer tax benefits.
  • The lease period may exceed 5 years.

The residual value is more than 15% of the original investment amount (off balance)

The lease payments you make every month are considered as "rent". You enter them as costs on your income statement.


  • The lease has no impact on your balance sheet and balance sheet ratios.
  • The lease payments are 100% tax-deductible as costs.

"Sale and lease back" also offers you the opportunity to sell your own assets to ING Lease to then lease or rent them with ING. This is convenient if you want to keep your equity available, if you need liquid assets or if you want to improve your balance sheet structure.

This platform effectively enables you to make calculations as well as carry out the full administrative follow-up of your existing lease contract(s). In the event of questions, do not hesitate to contact our Business Credit Centre on +32 2 464 64 04.

Discover the benefits of My ING Lease

  • Easy: A secure online platform for calculating your lease plan
  • Clear: Complete and straightforward administration of your lease contract(s).
  • Fast: Fast-track processing from quotation to activation of your contact in a matter of minutes. For real time savings!

Interested? You can sign your contract straightaway online, after which it will be immediately activated.

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