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Raise funds thanks to a crowdfunding platform

Need to raise funds to make your project a reality? Are conventional loans not the right solution for you? ING wants to help entrepreneurs in all situations. After evaluating your project, we will put you in contact with a crowdfunding platform best suited to your situation and your project.

  • Trusted partners

    ING ensures that you work with partners with a wealth of experience and international outreach.

  • Multiple types of finance

    You can combine a classic ING loan with crowdfunding to get your project off the ground.

  • Support throughout the process

    The platforms' experts are there for you throughout your entire project.

  • Increased publicity for your project

    Your project is presented to a wider public, which enables you to test it and get feedback.

  • A community of promoters

    Contributors personally invest in your project and talk to those around them to ensure its success.

Crowdfunding is an alternative way of obtaining finance. It gives you the opportunity to start up a project using small donations or investments from a multitude of different investors, be they individuals or companies.

Each crowdfunding platform can offer different types of finance:

  • Donations
    The contributor expects nothing in return. This option is often reserved for organisations, charities or art projects.
  • Compensation
    The contributor receives a material return depending on the type of project.
  • Loans
    The contributor is reimbursed, with or without interest, within a set period of time.
  • Investments
    The contributor receives shares in the company being financed.

After assessing your project, we will put you in touch with the crowdfunding platform that is best suited to your project.

The investment principle
The compensation principle
Mainly for start-ups, SME’s in launch phase and scale-ups for amounts from 30,000 euros and up. Mainly for creative and innovative ideas and individuals, small businesses and institutions.
The project owner pays a one-off payment of 2000 euros and a commission of max. 6% of the accrued amount. This commission drops to 4% for all amounts above 150,000 euros. From 500,000 euros, the commission is just 2%. The project's creator pays a commission of 5% of the total sum received, as well as 3% for transaction costs.
In order to be financed, a project must obtain 100% of its objective within 60 days.
  • If it does so, contributors will become shareholders in the company.
  • If not, the project is closed and the investors receive a refund. You do not pay anything in this case, even not the above-related costs.
In order to be financed, a project must obtain 100% of its objective.
  • If it does, the contributors receive their reward.
  • If not, the project is closed and the investors receive a refund. You do not pay anything in this case, even not the above-related costs.
Investments from EUR 10. Donations from EUR 1.
Each contributor becomes a shareholder in the company. Everyone who contributed receives compensation in kind and the project owner retains all intellectual property rights pertaining to their idea.
The platform offers support before, during and after the financing campaign. The platform offers support before and during the finance campaign.

Would you like to find out more about how our partners work? Take a look at their websites: Seedrs and KissKissBankBank.


Douche FLUX, an information desk serving the most vulnerable, was financed by crowdfunding. Watch this video to find out more.

Maily is a communication platform for children financed by Seedrs. Watch this video to hear why the founder chose crowdfunding for his project.

Singer songwriter Kaat used KissKissBankBank as a way of promoting the things she does. Watch this video to hear her story.

ING cannot be held liable and will not, at any time, be involved, monitor, advise, or actively participate in the crowdfunding aspects of projects referred to Seedrs or KissKissBankBank. Seedrs and KissKissBankBank are international crowdfunding platforms based respectively in the United Kingdom and France, and are always liable for accepting, structuring and launching any crowdfunding project in line with the applicable legal and regulatory crowdfunding framework.

Your ING liaison officer assesses your project

… and directs you to the best financing platform for you.

Once your project has been accepted by the platform

… your idea is presented to the entire world. You can then begin to gather funds!

Once you have reached your goal

… your project will be financed!