Recurring business expenses

ING Financing of Holiday Allowances

Spread the expense over the entire year

Is your liquidity position under pressure because of your employees' holiday allowances? ING Financing of Holiday Allowances lets you spread this expense over an entire year, freeing up your working capital for other investments.
Borrow from as little as 2,000 euros.

  • Get the assurance of a fixed interest rate

    Your interest rate is calculated on the basis of the market rate at the time of signing the contract.

  • Spread out your major expenses

    Repay the capital and interest of your loan over 6 to 12 fixed monthly instalments.

  • Automatically renew your contact

    ING automatically renews your loan at maturity for the same amount, unless you wish to terminate the contract.

You pay a one-off arrangement fee of 125 euros.

SMEs have the option of repaying their loan early. In that case, you pay a reinvestment fee equivalent to 6 months' interest. Read more about early repayment.

In certain cases you may be eligible for subsidies. For more information about which subsidies are available to you, visit

Loan offers reserved for private individuals over 18 years of age and legal entities for professional purposes. Offers are on condition of prior acceptance of your application by ING Belgium and by mutual agreement. The general terms and conditions of ING loans are available at all ING branches and on

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