Working capital and liquidity

ING Overdraft

Bridge temporary gaps in cash flow

Do your expenses sometimes exceed your revenue? Does your business have specific requirements that cannot be covered by an ING Business Line? An ING Overdraft offers you more room to manoeuvre with an unlimited term overdraft that comes tailored to your business.

  • Funds available immediately:

    the funds are always available immediately via your ING current account.

  • Use whatever you need:

    draw the precise amount you need, even if the total value of your facility is higher. Repay the amount by transferring the total amount borrowed into your current account at your own pace.

  • Flexible options:

    you can take an overdraft in a foreign currency or in combination with another ING credit line.

The ING Overdraft is a credit facility of minimum of 250,000 euros linked to your ING current account. To make sure you always have available funds to bridge temporary shortages in your liquidity.

This credit facility is of unlimited duration. Your funds are always available immediately via your current account.

You can repay the amount at your own pace by transferring funds into your ING current account. You only pay interest on the total actually drawn. ING will calculate this interest on a quarterly basis and debit it automatically from your current account. The interest is tax-deductible as a business expense.

A one-off fee of 125 euros applies along with an administration fee of 30 euros per quarter and a fee calculated on the basis of the opening of the credit facility.