Working capital and liquidity

ING Opticash

Cover your temporary cash shortage with a credit line

Do you regularly have unexpected major expenses? Then choose ING Opticash to cover your temporary cash shortage. By choosing this credit line with flexible conditions, you determine when you draw down money and pay it back.

  • Draw down cash easily

    A transfer from your Opticash account to your ING current account, and that is it!

  • Repay at your own pace

    You repay the drawn down amount via transfers to your Opticash account.

  • Manage credit facility online

    You manage your Opticash account in Business'Bank and Telelink Online, our business online banking services.

ING Opticash links a credit facility of minimum 25,000 euros to your ING current account. That way you can easily manage your liquidity via transfers between your Opticash account and current account.

ING Opticash has an unlimited term.

You manage the capital yourself by transferring the amount you need from your ING Opticash account to your ING current account. This can be done entirely online via Business'Bank or Telelink Online!

You repay by transferring money to your Opticash account at your own pace. You only pay interest on the amounts that you actually use. ING calculates this interest every 3 months and debits it from your current account automatically.

You pay a one-off study fee of 125 euros, arrangement fees of 25 euros per quarter and a commission which is calculated according to the assigned credit facility.