Working capital and liquidity

ING Roll Over Revolving

Looking to safeguard your cash flow with larger amounts to cover recurring budgetary requirements?

Does your business have recurring cash flow requirements which cannot be covered by an ING Opticash or ING Business Line? Are you looking to protect your cash flow with larger amounts over a longer, pre-defined period? Do you want to benefit from conditions based on short term interest rates? Then an ING Roll Over Revolving might be for you!

  • Fixed-term credit facility:

    up to 5 years.

  • Variable rates:

    Euribor or Libor, determined with each advance for the duration of each advance and any renewal.

  • One-off interest payments:

    paid at the end of each advance.

  • Online management:

    manage your advances whenever you like via Telelink Online

ING Roll Over Revolving is a fixed-term credit facility (maximum 5 years) that can be used in the form of advances ranging from one to six months (interest periods) with the option to renew them on each interest payment date, for a further period of one to six months.

You decide the total amount and duration of the advance (minimum 1 month and maximum 6 months) with the possibility of renewing it without exceeding the set term and the total agreed credit limit.

  • The advance and interest are repaid together on the expiry date of the advance.
  • The rate (Euribor or Libor) is determined with each withdrawal for the duration of each advance.
  • Interest is paid at the end of each advance.
  • Advances can be repaid early.
  • You will pay a fee on the total amount of credit, a quarterly administration fee and a commitment fee on the total amount of credit.
  • Drawing rights will also be collected with each withdrawal or advance extension.
  • Reinvestment fees apply in the case of partial or full early repayment of an advance.