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You should be able to see all your personal ING accounts whenever you log in to Home'Bank and your business accounts in Business'Bank. If you can't immediately see one or more of your accounts on your account overview page, simply go to My settings > Home'Bank/Business'Bank settings > Availability of accounts and click “Modify”. You can then choose which accounts you want to appear on your Home'Bank or Business'Bank home page.

Accounts that are visible in Home'Bank or Business'Bank should normally appear automatically in your ING Smart Banking app for smartphone or tablet as well. There are some exceptions, such as accounts for which you do not hold a mandate or accounts in currencies other than euros.

If your ING Card Reader stops working for any reason, you can order a new one online via Simply fill in your details and we will send a new card reader to the address we have for you on file as soon as possible. You can order up to 2 free card readers per year. Extra card readers are charged at 25 euros each including VAT.

If you cannot use your card reader anymore because you made too many incorrect PIN attempts, there is no need to order a new card reader. Simply use your bank card at an ATM to perform an action that requires entering your PIN, e.g. to check your balance or withdraw cash.

You should then be able to use it again to log in and sign transactions with your card reader. If your card is blocked after making too many incorrect PIN attempts at a shop or ATM, however, you will need to visit an ING branch to have it unblocked.

In Business'Bank: in the menu, select "Day-to-day banking > My current accounts > Account statements".

There are 2 ways to request statements or duplicates:

  • Click on "Actions" next to the account and select "Request statements" or "Request duplicate statements".
  • You can also request statements or duplicates for different accounts at the same time. To do so select the accounts, click on "Bulk actions", then select "Request statements" or "Request duplicate statements".

You can also request all new account statements together by clicking on the "Request all new statements" button.

Click on the button to request all account statements together or select one or more accounts and select the action "Request account statements" or "Request duplicate statements".

You will find the "My settings" link on the left-hand side of the Business'Bank home page underneath your name. You can manage all your settings on the subsequent page including your address. Select "Personal details" and then click on "Modify" next to "Contact details" to update your contact address.
To modify your legal address, however, please contact your ING liaison officer.

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