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16 February 2022

Uploading XML files in Business’Bank

This guide helps you with uploading XML files of SEPA Credit Transfers (SCT) and SEPA Direct Debits (SDD) in Business’Bank. Note: The Business Premium option available in Business’Bank must be activated. For more info, please contact your ING Advisor.

How to send files

  • Business’Bank Menu

  • Selecting and sending files with a first signature

  • Uploading files

  • Entering the second signature

  • Signing the transaction

1. Business’Bank Menu

After logging in, select the following menu from the home screen:

Click on Payments > Payment files > Upload a file

2. Selecting and sending files with a first signature

  • Click on “Choose File” in the “Upload files” screen (see below) and select the file on your hard drive.
  • Define the transaction type of the file your accountancy program generated.
  • Not sure which layout form your program generates? Contact the program supplier.
  • Enter a reference of max. 12 characters so you can recognise which file you have sent. This field is mandatory.

Warning: you can only use a reference once every 24 hours. If you use it a second time, the file will be blocked and you will have to delete the second file.

3. Uploading files

  • Click on “Validate” to get an overview of the file you are sending.

  • Click on “Sign” to send the file

  • You get a warning message: a second signature will be needed within a few minutes to execute the transactions.
  • During this timeframe, the following info is checked:
  • is the structure of the file correct?
  • is the content of the file correct?
  • do you have the necessary powers?
  • are the account numbers of the beneficiaries (for a SEPA Credit Transfer) and the account numbers of debtors (for a SEPA Direct Debit) correct and do they exist?

If you should have sent the wrong file, you can delete it after the verification period.

A file can only be executed after entering the second signature.

4. Entering the second signature

  • Click on Payments > Payment files > Envelopes to sign
  • Click on the reference (in blue) to receive a detail of the file

You receive a detail of the file you sent: principal account (ordering account for SEPA Credit Transfer or account of the creditor for SEPA Direct Debit), number of transactions, total amount, execution date and transaction status.

Warning: If your transaction has another status than “insufficient signature”, contact the Business’Bank Helpdesk via 02 464 60 04 (option 2).

  • If all data is correct, click on “Validate the envelope”

5. Signing the transaction

Sign the transaction.

Warning for SEPA Direct Debit in Business’Bank:

Be sure not to mix the “key-in” feature with the “upload” feature.