ING Payment Card

Enjoy the freedom of easy payments and withdrawals

Your ING bank card gives you the freedom to pay in Belgium, abroad* and online, and the convenience of withdrawing cash at ATMs all over Europe. A secret PIN adds essential security to every transaction.​​

  • Accepted everywhere

    You can use your bank card online and at all retailers with the Bancontact/Mister Cash or Maestro logo.*

  • In Belgium and abroad

    You can withdraw cash at any ATM in Belgium and Maestro ATMs abroad.*

  • Direct settlement

    Your balance is immediately updated so that there are no surprises.

  • Security first

    Your card is strictly personal and only works with the PIN known only to you.

  • Online banking

    If you have Business’Bank, you can manage all of your professional banking business online with your ING bank card and ING Card Reader.

You can use your ING Payment Card to pay for your expenses electronically and make withdrawals in Belgium and abroad. Your bank card is always linked to an ING current account.

For everyone who wants to pay easily, quickly and securely in Belgium and abroad, as well as online.

  • Pay in Belgium and abroad: you can pay quickly and securely with your card at shops with a Bancontact/Mister Cash or Maestro* payment terminal.
  • Withdraw cash in Belgium and abroad: you can withdraw cash without problems at all ATMs in Belgium. The ATMs that you can use to withdraw cash when you are abroad are easy to recognise from the Maestro logo they display.
  • Small purchases in Belgium: you can also pay for small purchases under 10 euros with your ING bank card.
  • Online management of your banking: your ING bank card gives you access to Business’Bank and all Self’Bank ATMs, where you can manage your banking yourself. You can also use your card to create a profile for our apps for smartphones or tablets.

Your ING bank card is strictly personal and is protected by a secret code known only by you.

Card lost or stolen? Call Card Stop immediately on +32 70 344 344 to block your card.

You can temporarily or permanently increase or decrease your limits. To do so, get in touch with ING. On our website you will find an overview of the standard limits.

The charges for your bank card depend on the account to which this card is linked. Usually you are entitled to at least 1 free bank card with your current account.

Consult our rates folder for a detailed summary of the various charges.

* Note: you can use Maestro in geographical Europe. Do you need Maestro outside this area? Visit your branch to apply for this.