ING MasterCard Business

Make your cash flow management easier

Would you like to settle unforeseen expenses the hassle-free way? Delegate purchases? Limit the administration associated with expenses claims? With the ING MasterCard Business credit card, you can monitor your business expenses and manage your treasury in a more simple way.

  • Ease of payment

    Your ING MasterCard Business is accepted at 30 million outlets, and over 600,000 ATMs around the world. Cash management and the administration associated with expenses claims for your company are made simpler.

  • Monitor your expenses

    Monthly statements give you a clear overview of transactions carried out with one or more cards.

  • Deferred payments

    You pay on the 16th day of the month, interest free.

The ING MasterCard Business is a credit card designed exclusively for business expenses. It is linked to an ING business current account.

With the ING Business MasterCard, you can:

  • pay for your business expenses throughout the world, bot​h in shops displaying the MasterCard® logo and over the internet.
  • withdraw money throughout the world.
  • delegate purchases for your company. An ING MasterCard Business can pool together several credit cards for you and your employees.
  • manage your company's and employees' expenses more effectively.

Free travel accident insurance is also included with your ING MasterCard Business. It covers up to a total of 200,000 euros, death or permanent disability following an accident that occurred while travelling by plane, train, boat, taxi or hire car, as long as the journey was paid for with the ING MasterCard Business.

Companies or the self-employed who wish to simplify their cash management and manage their business expenses more effectively.

Companies which, for example:

  • wish to delegate their business purchases
  • are trying to reduce the administration associated with expenses claims
  • often make international payments (online or in branch)
  • wish to have an overview of their business expenses.

To take advantage of the benefits of the ING MasterCard Business, all you need to do is sign a contract in the name of your company. You will then receive one or more cards in your name and on behalf of your employees.

The annual fee is 20 euros per card.

The credit limit on the ING MasterCard Business is 1,250 euros minimum. You can determine the contract and card limits with your ING liaison officer.

You will receive 2 kinds of statements each month:

  • a statement of expenditure per card
  • an overall statement showing all payments made with the various cards.

The current account with which the ING MasterCard Business is linked is debited each month with the amount spent, around the 16th day of the month.

The ING MasterCard Business meets the latest security standards. Thanks to MasterCard® SecureCode™, you can pay securely with your credit card in participating online retailers. For more information, go to Online payments.

In the event of loss or theft, contact Card Stop on +32 70 344 344 to block your credit card.