ING Corporate Card Solution

Control your expenses and stay within budget

Are your employees on a business trip? Perhaps they have a company debit card. Handy! But are their expenses well managed? With the ING Corporate Card Solution, you can be sure that their expenses stay within budget and you can manage them efficiently.

  • Control before and after payment

    You can set an expense limit in advance per employee or department. Afterwards you can analyse the expenses in detail.

  • Easy follow-up

    You can automatically create an expense report, so that you can easily follow up all expenses.

  • Lower costs

    With expense limits you can be sure that all expenses stay within budget.

The Corporate Card Solution from ING is a tool with which you efficiently control and manage your employees' expenses.

For anyone with employees who claim back expenses or have a company payment card.

  • Control before and after payment: you can set expense limits per employee or department in advance. Afterwards you can analyse the expenses in detail and you see straightaway whether they meet the rules of the company.
  • Time savings for you and your employees: all expenses are centralised in 1 database. Your employees can claim expenses online, while you can approve them online. Afterwards you can produce an expense report to measure in no time at all. In this way, time-consuming administration is definitely a thing of the past.
  • Lower costs: thanks to the expenditure limits you can be sure that the expenses remain within budget. You can also see automatically how much VAT you can claim back. That way you definitely will not forget it. In addition, you can show with figures how much employees are really incurring in expenses. This enables you to negotiate better terms with, for example, a hotel chain.
  • Security first: thanks to the card, your employees have less cash at hand and you are protected against fraud.

Card lost or stolen? Call the ING Corporate Card Service team immediately on +31 10 428 95 81.

You set the expenditure limits yourself and adjust them for the employee or department that incurs the expenses. It is even possible to choose a limit for expenses for specific merchants, such as supermarkets or online businesses.

Consult the charges brochure for a detailed summary of the various charges.