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Give your accountant access to your business account and save time !

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Allowing your accountant access to your business account can save you both time. They get the information they need for bookkeeping, and you no longer must send it. Set up a power of attorney and you’ll both be winners!

Save time while staying in control

When you grant power of attorney to your accountant, they become a mandate holder. Depending on the level of access you give them, they can make payments, view account balances and download statements on your behalf. Your accountant can work efficiently by having all the banking information they need at their fingertips, and you no longer must spend time finding and forwarding this information to them. 

You decide the level of access

You choose exactly what your accountant can and cannot do. You stay in control the whole time.

For example, by giving consultation rights only” your accountant can only see your transactions. You can also opt for sharing CODA files with your accountant, which they download and import into their accounting software.

If you prefer, you can give your accountant full rights, where they can, for example, make payments and transfer money without needing your authorization.

Their own debit card that you control

Your accountant gets their own debit card once they become a mandate holder on your account. You place the limits on the use of this card. No more risky sharing of your own debit card, which is strictly personal!

Remove powers of attorney at any moment

You remain the account holder which means you can add or remove mandate holders anytime, anywhere online via Business’Bank. It’s that easy!

Want to know more?

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