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21 November 2018

Charges and regulations

Curious about our interest rates and conditions? Or do you want to know how much ING charges for certain transactions? Find out all you need to know about fees and charges.

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Best Execution

The MiFID legislation will ensure even greater transparency and provision of information in relation to investments as of 3 January 2018. To achieve this goal, ING Belgium provides you with the following documents concerning the best execution of your orders which you can consult here below:

  • Note on the monitoring of Best Execution. (this PDF will be available in January 2018)
  • Ranking of the top 5 markets according to processing. These 3 links offer an overview of the top 5 markets for each of the intermediaries we work with.
  • UBS
  • ING Equity Market
  • ING Luxembourg
  • These PDF files will be available in March 2018.
  • Special Regulations for Trading in Financial Instruments and in Savings and Investments linked Insurances (SRTFI) and appendix on the Conflicts of Interests Policy (PDF) Valid till 31/12/2017 - Valid from 01/01/2018
  • Detailed Best Execution Policy of ING Belgium SA/NV (PDF) Valid till 31/12/2017 - Valid from 01/01/2018
Deposit guarantee
State of affaires concerning your legal protection as a customer
Is my money safe at ING ?

As a major market operator, ING continues to manage its business with the strictest discipline. This is in the interests of customers, staff and shareholders alike. Thanks to this policy, your money is safe with ING;