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Save time and give a trusted person access to your business account

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Ease your workload by giving an employee or family member power of attorney on your business account. They manage your account while you can focus on your core activities. 

Free up your time while staying in control

Setting up payments, checking if invoices have been paid, providing your accountant with transaction details… these are all necessary aspects of running a business but use up valuable time. By giving power of attorney to a trusted employee or family member they can take care of these tasks on your behalf, freeing up time for your customers.

It’s quick and easy to set up and you decide how much access you want them to have. You remain the account holder and stay in total control.

Their own debit card while you remain in control

When you grant someone power of attorney they become a mandate holder on your account. They get their own debit card but you place the limits on the use of this card. No more risky sharing of your own debit card, which is strictly personal! 

Remove powers of attorney at any moment

You remain the account holder which means you can add or remove powers of attorney anytime, anywhere online via Business’Bank. It's that easy!

Interested? Let’s go

Sounds like something for you? Just log into your account, go to the profile menu and select Access management. From there you can add and remove mandate holders in just a few clicks!