Current Accounts

ING Business Account

Earn interest on reserves while keeping them available

Efficient cash management is essential for any business. An ING Business Account lets you earn interest on your financial reserves while still having them available at a moment’s notice.

  • Attractive return

    You receive a return linked to the short term market rates at an attractive interest rate.

  • Money available

    Your money is always available at the daily rate.

  • Quarterly interest payments

    Your interest is calculated on a quarterly basis. You receive your return quickly.

  • No management charges

    You do not pay a management charge for this account.

An ING Business Account is a payment account for business use which combines a high rate of interest with the flexibility of accessing your funds at any time.

Business owners and institutions looking for an optimal return on their financial reserves, but also wanting to be able to use these funds at any time.

How can you open an account? You can open a Business Account at your ING branch. Your high interest rate account is activated when you first transfer funds into this account.

How do you manage it? The use of a Business Account is very simple.

  • You transfer the reserves from your current account to this high interest rate account. A maximum amount of 5 million euros per account may be deposited.
  • At any time you can transfer your funds back to your current account, to avoid an overdraft or make payments.
  • You can check the status of your account easily using ​Home'Bank, ​Business'Bank and ​Telelink@Isabel.

You can withdraw from the credit balance on your Business Account at any time. When you do so, the withdrawn funds are credited to the linked current account at the daily rate, with no value date loss.

The interest rate for your Business Account is equal to 70% of the 1-month Euribor rate*. It is thus linked to the 1-month trend of this market reference. The higher the Euribor rate, the higher the interest rate you receive. Your interest is calculated quarterly and credited to your Business Account.

* The Euribor rates are average interest rates at which primary European banks lend to each other in euros for periods from 1 week to 12 months. They are a standard for many other interest rate products.

The ING Business Account is an unregulated payment account and is therefore subject to withholding tax (currently 30%).