An exclusive benefits programme for your employees

You are an HR manager and want to improve your salary package by offering additional benefits to your employees? 

Discover at a glance the advantages of ING's Privilegio programme...A programme developed hand in hand with the employer

Privilegio is a customised package of banking services offered to your employees at very attractive conditions... It includes:

  • Exclusive discounts when subscribing to banking products
  • Benefits also granted to your employees' partners

In addition, if you offer your employees the Privilegio service, your company will also benefit from special advantages on its ING products.

How do these benefits work?

Each benefit is related to a product or service. You will find the details below as well as a link to each of them.

70 euros in cash on your employee's ING account

If your employee has their salary paid onto their ING account, we will pay them a welcome gift of 70 euros.

Insurance discounts

  • 10%: your employee can become eligible for a 10% discount on their car insurance and their travel assistance over the first year of the contract.
  • 5 %: if your employee enters the code PRIVILEGIO5 when taking out home insurance online (as tenant or owner), they are granted a 5% discount on their premium.

Discounts on lending products

Mortgage loan: they will become eligible for a € 150 discount on the processing fees of their mortgage loan.

Discounts on investment products

Your employees can also receive 20 euros cashback for subscribing to one of the following products:

  • The Star Fund pension savings plan: tax-deductible and offers a potentially high return. You choose the amount and frequency of payments yourself.
  • The ING Life Star Plan pension savings plan: tax-deductible and offers a guaranteed rate (10 years minimum).
  • ING Life Pension Plan: tax-deductible and the rate is 100% guaranteed. Ideal if you don’t have a mortgage
  • The ING Focus Plan Bricks for Kids investment plan: a long-term savings plan that offers a potentially attractive return. It is up to you to choose the amount (min. 25 euros), the frequency of payments, and the duration of the contract.

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