Current accounts

ING Starters Package

Everything self-employed and SME Starters need, bundled in one package!

Are you starting your own business? ING will be happy to take up the challenge, from the outset to your startup. Open a professional current account today and receive the ING starters package. With it, you will start off well-prepared, advantageously and smoothly!

  • A complete package

    A current account, debit card, credit card, online banking, mobile banking and the Accountable app!

  • Completely free*

    The Starter Pack is free for 1 year!

The Starters Package is available for all independents, liberal professions or companies founded in the last 18 months.

If you started your business more than 18 months ago, you can open a professional current account or a Corporate Plus account.

  1. Are you a self-employed starter?

    Open an ING Professional Current Account

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  2. Are you a starter with a company?

    Open a ING Corporate Plus Account

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As a starter, you face lots of costs to launch your activity. To help you, the Starters Package products are free for:

  • Both the current year and the one after for the current account and the related debit card
  • 1 year for the ING MasterCard Plus
  • 1 year for the Accountable App
  • Business'Bank and the ING Banking App will remain free
  • No administrative fees on the first application of an ING Business Line or ING Business Loan 

When you reach the end of the Starters Package conditions, the usual prices will be applied for each product in the package.