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Do you wish to sign an Agent Agreement ?

Download the request form (PDF) to name an account opening agent and/or a mandates management agent. Fill in the online form,save it in your computer and send it back via e-mail to

What is an Agent Agreement ?

Thanks to the Agent Agreement service, it is now possible for a Legal Entity to appoint a person with the power:

  • To open current accounts directly online
  • To manage all mandates and proxies online: add - delete - replace
  • To view all its proxies online
  • To order an Isabel card quickly

Which types of Agent are available ?

You can create 2 types of Agent:

Account Opening Agent

The legal representative of a company can delegate tasks associated with opening accounts to one or several people. The designated people receive the power to sign documents relating to opening additional accounts.

Mandate Management Agent

The legal representative of a company can delegate administrative tasks associated with managing mandates to one or more people. The designated persons receive the power to sign documents relating to managing mandates.

The function of the account opening or mandate management agent can be executed by the same person.
The company can delegate to more than one person. By the way, the same person can be agent for more than one legal person.

In which secured channels do the Agents exercise their roles?

Account Opening Agents and Mandate Management Agents can exercise their roles

  • via the ING online Business’Bank and Telelink Online services, with the sole condition of having at least a consultation mandate on an ING account
  • and also at the branch.

What are the advantages of the Agent Agreement ?

  • Optimisation of processes: the legal representative delegates his power to the trusted person, who will be the one most involved in the tasks of opening accounts and/or managing mandates.
  • Simplification of administrative tasks: the agent is the person who looks after everything when opening an account or managing a mandate.
  • Applied via electronic channels:
    • Much quicker: the application to open an account and/or the application to change mandates is registered and confirmed immediately.
    • Increased security: applications are carried out on the basis of an electronic signature.
    • Much more flexible: the online service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.