Electronic account statements

Easily manage and download your account statements

Cut down on the paperwork with account statements in digital format. Choose when and how often you receive them via Business'Bank.

  • Easy to manage

    You can easily manage your electronic account statements via your computer, 24/7! Saving you valuable time in the process. You choose when and how often you receive your account statements in PDF format.

  • Clear numbering

    A PDF of your account statements is created and each statement in the document is numbered for each day a transaction occurs on your ING accounts. If you use CODA files, financial reporting or Isabel, the numbering of your statements will also automatically be the same.

  • Legally compliant

    The legal value of an electronic account statement is exactly the same as that of a paper copy. The same is true of electronic duplicates.

  • Highly secure

    You alone have access to your account statements via your highly secure connection to Business'Bank.

  • Saves space

    Paper account statements take up space and collect dust. Download your electronic account statements via Business'Bank instead.

  • Greener

    No need to print your account statements any more, thereby minimising your environmental impact.

Already selected electronic account statements in Business'Bank? Check now! Then discover how easy it is to manage your statements via Business'Bank 24/7!

  • Manage: choose how often you want to receive your electronic account statements in PDF format. You can even specify a start date (e.g. every 15th of the month). The default option is daily account statements.
  • Download and consult: view your electronic account statements for up to two year via Business'Bank. You can also download and save them to your hard drive.
  • Create duplicate statements: create your own duplicate account statements, even without having downloaded the original!

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