ING Smart Banking app

The free ING bank app for smartphones.

Sending money in euro (SEPAà, checking the balance of your account, viewing your past transactions… Win time and make your life easier thanks to the ING Smart Banking app.

  • Easy management

    On your way to work, in between two appointments, at the restaurant… send money in euro (SEPA) directly from your phone and without card reader.

  • Global overview

    Browse easily through all your accounts, cards, investments, messages and documents. You can also enter, track and sign payments that must be signed by several people.

  • Business & private

    You can create different profiles from the same app. For instance: one for your professional accounts and one for your private accounts.

  • Self-service

    Various free services in the app: modify the limits of your cards, order or replace a debit card…

  • A secure system

    Create your own personal profile using your ING card reader. The access to the app is protected by a 6-digit code known only by you (or your fingerprint with the latest smartphones). The session expires automatically after 3 minutes of inactivity.

Download the app

Available on the App Store and Google Play.

Create your profile

Using your ING debit card and card reader.

Setting up the ING Smart Banking app on your smartphone is easy. Just watch our demo video.