ING Smart Banking

The ING tablet app

​​Make payments, check balances, look up investments or track your private budget. All this from behind your desk or in your armchair... Using our tablet app it is super easy to manage your own accounts and those of your business. Download the app and discover how convenient mobile banking is.

  • Rapidly check balances and make payments

    You can instantly see how much you have in your account and make transfers between your own accounts and to any beneficiaries, whether already set up or not.

  • For business and private accounts

    You can create multiple profiles on a single device, for example 1 for your business accounts and 1 for your private accounts.

  • Stay on top of your business banking

    You can view all of your investments and planned payments. In addition you can set up, track and sign payments that require multiple signatures.

  • Secure banking

    You log in and execute transactions using a 6 digit profile code.

  • Graphic display of your private spending and revenue

    With the "My budget" module you can keep a close eye on all the spending that goes through your private account. A dynamic graphic display shows you your expenses and income, broken out into clear categories.

  • Free application

    The app costs nothing. An ING account plus access to Business’Bank and/or Home'Bank is all you need.