ING FTP Service and SWIFT-Net

Discover our 2 financial data transfer options

As a corporate enterprise, do you want to exchange financial reports with your bank securely? Are you looking for an efficient way to submit bulk payment orders? If so, ING offers you 2 systems for data transfer: ING FTP Service and SWIFT-Net.

  • Secure connection

    Both options offer a high level of security for transferring files to ING.

  • Lower costs

    Your costs are lower because you can use the same communication channel to exchange all your financial information.

  • Bulk payment orders

    The direct link between your financial administration system and the ING environment makes it easy to submit all your payment orders.

  • 2 options

    Depending on your business needs, you can opt for FTP transfer or SWIFT-Net transfer.

ING FTP Service is an ING service that allows you to exchange data with your bank via the Internet. You can use this channel to submit your payment orders (commercial and salary payments, including SEPA payments) in predefined formats such as Edifact or Unifi XML. We also give you information on the status of your payments and your accounts.

  • Efficiency gain: integration of business processes reduces manual operations to a minimum. This boosts the productivity of your accounting department.
  • Lower costs: you no longer need to maintain and update special software. Furthermore, the FTP Service is based on the widely used TCP/IP and FTP Internet protocols. This allows you to make increased use of existing internal systems and trim your operational costs.
  • Correct information: eliminating the human factor puts an end to typos and missed deadlines.
  • Guaranteed security: the FTP protocol with SSL certificates and encrypted data transport provides optimal security for your data at all times.

Large companies with a turnover exceeding 250 million euros and/or listed companies.

SWIFT-Net enables you to receive and send financial information everywhere in the world over the same channel. Using the same secure platform for all your financial data traffic enables you to manage the risk and reduce your costs. SWIFT-Net gives corporate enterprises and financial institutions access to the SWIFT network, which connects over 10,000 institutions in more than 200 countries.

  • Efficiency gain: SWIFT-Net allows you to exchange your financial reports and files with your bank over a single channel. As a result, your orders are processed faster and you maintain an overview. You also have an optimal view of your cash situation.
  • Guaranteed security: when you use the SWIFT platform, you can count on having a connection with ING that is based on the most advanced security technology.
  • Lower costs: because your data traffic with the various banks takes place in the same standardised manner, you no longer need to maintain and update separate software tools. This reduces your operating expenses.
  • Multi-bank: you use the same network and harmonised standards to exchange data with different banks. This boosts efficiency and reduces costs.

Large companies with a turnover exceeding 250 million euros and/or listed companies.