ING Multi Mandate Overview

Here is a quick overview of the main functionalities of ING Multi Mandate

Subscription and activation of ING Multi Mandate



In ING Multi Mandate, a dossier is the virtual equivalent of a paper folder, in which you keep all the files and information (contact details, counterparty details, account numbers, documents, etc.) for a customer. 


The Account section displays all the accounts for which the IMM subscription holder is either the account holder or the proxy.

In the Configuration menu, the IMM subscription holder will be able to choose which accounts will be displayed in this section (via the User Management or Account Visibility functions).

By clicking on the name of an account you will access all the transactions of this account.


The Payments section is composed of 2 tabs:

  • a 'Payments basket' tab: it contains all the transactions prepared by the users and which have not yet been sent to Business'Bank for signature.
  • a 'Sent Payments' tab that allows you to view all the transactions sent to Business'Bank as well as their status.


The report section allows you to create new reports or download reports created by all users.


The Configuration section gives you access to the following features:

User management
Categories and rules

ING Multi Mandate allows you to create categories and sub-categories that can be applied automatically to your transactions (via the rules). This will enables you to create richer reports and exports.

Tip: for a better readability of the reports, limit the number of categories 

Define rules to categorize automatically your transactions, based on the the counterpart, the communication or both.