Mobile payment with Bancontact: 4 handy scenarios

Mobile payment with your smartphone is quick and easy! Discover the endless possibilities below.

Paying back friends or family, or splitting the bill: until recently, it was usually a slog that involved counting cash or making a transfer. But that’s all in the past. Mobile payments allow you to pay someone quickly and easily via smartphone or tablet. You can simply use your ING Banking app, which has Bancontact and Payconiq functions built in. So you don’t even need to download a separate app!

So how does it work? You or the other person indicate the amount of money to be sent or received in your ING Banking app. The app will automatically create a unique QR code. This is a white square with a black pattern. The other person scans the QR code with their banking app, and simply confirms the mobile payment with their pin code.

There are plenty of scenarios where mobile payment with your smartphone or tablet makes life substantially easier:

1. Splitting the bill after a date

You take a stroll with a friend on a Sunday afternoon. Mid-walk, you order a hot chocolate and a Brussels waffle at a local stall. To keep things simple for the vendor, you pay the bill and decide to get even with your friend later.

This could have been quite a spot of bother in the past: your friend might not be carrying cash, they might load you up with a bucket of small change, or promise to pay you ‘later’. Mobile payments make it easy to arrange the matter immediately and without any arguments, all on your smartphones.

2. Paying in a shop

From the bakery on the corner to the local fashion store or the giant furniture chain: they all offer more and more payment options. Especially in these strange times, when most people prefer not to touch a payment terminal or handle change.

In these cases, a mobile payment is a great option.

At the till, scan the QR code on the card terminal, checkout screen or Bancontact logo sticker. All that’s left to do is check the amount and confirm with your pin code.

Contactless payments up to 50 euros

Besides mobile payments, you can also use contactless payments as a handy alternative at the checkout. You simply hold your card or smartphone with the ING Banking app installed against a payment terminal. The payment happens automatically for transactions up to 50 euros. You don’t have to insert your card or even type in a pin code.

3. Checking out online

Mobile payments are increasingly common on web shops. In the past, you always needed a card reader for online payments – annoying when you don’t have one at hand. And you always had to grab your wallet, or type in the long number of your credit card. With mobile payments, you can do all of this more quickly and safely, wherever you are:

1. At the web shop checkout, select ‘Pay with Bancontact’.

2. You’ll get the choice between using your banking app or scanning a QR code. Pick the latter.

3. Your computer screen will show you a QR code, which you can scan with your ING Banking app.

4. All that’s left to do is dial your pin code, and you’re done.

4. Settling incoming invoices

Paper invoices are increasingly being replaced by digital versions. But until recently, paying an invoice that came in via email or Doccle also required your card and card reader. Luckily, mobile payments now make sending money to companies a lot easier.

More and more invoices feature a QR code.

Simply scan it with your ING Banking app, check the amount, and confirm with your pin code. You won’t have to type in any account numbers or other details yourself.

How to make mobile payments with your smartphone

Want to ask for a payment from someone else? Quickly create a payment request in your app:

1. Open the ING Banking app.

2. Go to the ‘Payments’ menu at the bottom and select ‘Bancontact’ or ‘Payconiq’.

3. Choose the option for receiving money.

4. Follow the steps on your screen and put in the amount.

5. A QR code will be automatically generated.

6. Have the other person scan this QR code. If you are using Payconiq, you can send the payment request to one of your contacts.

7. Wait until you see a confirmation of the transaction on your screen.

It’s just as easy to pay someone else using your app:

1. Open the ING Banking app.

2. Go to the ‘Payments’ menu at the bottom and select ‘Bancontact’ or ‘Payconiq’.

3. Choose the option ‘Pay’ (for Bancontact) or ‘Scan a QR code’ (for Payconiq).

4. Scan the QR code on the other person’s screen.

5. Check the amount and the account you’re paying with.

6. Confirm your transaction via pin code, fingerprint or facial recognition.

7. Wait until you see a confirmation of the transaction on your screen.

Step into the world of mobile payments with the ING Banking app.

Whether it’s paying back friends or paying invoices: the ING Banking app lets you handle it quickly and easily through your smartphone.