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Joyn - Digital loyalty program

Retain your customers and attract new ones!

Reward your customers with coupons and actions. The customer uses 1 loyalty card for several merchants and yet saves separately for each individual business. You receive a unique insight into their buying behavior to refine your marketing strategy.

  • The right reward

    Upon each visit or purchase, your customer scans his Joyn card or app. In this way he accumulates points in your store. You choose yourself what you want to offer for how many points. A programme tailored to your business is also possible.

  • Stay top-of-mind

    Send newsletters to your customers and attach coupons for specific promotions, automatic birthday campaigns or as a reminder to lost customers.

  • Customer behavior

    With reports and statistics you see at a glance how your customers shop at your store. In this way you can seamlessly adapt your offer, prices and actions to them.

  • Marketing support

    Enjoy free Joyn Marketing training sessions in your region. Ideal for, as a local merchant, promoting your business on line. There is also a helpline for all your marketing-related questions.

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