Incoming payments

ING Merchant Services

Find the right payment terminal and allow your customers to pay by card.

Most customers prefer to pay by card, whether it be at your place of business or online. Customers also tend to spend more! So whatever the size of your business, give your customers the option of paying by card and give your business a boost! At ING, you will find everything you need to start accepting payments via Bancontact/Mister Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and/or V-Pay.

  • Boost your sales

    Studies have shown that customers tend to spend more when using their card than when paying in cash.

  • Safer than cash

    You have less cash, which increases security.

  • Find your terminal

    You can rent or buy a mobile or fixed payment terminal, or you can install the ING ActivePay app on your smartphone or tablet.

The international debit cards Maestro and V-Pay are already widely accepted and used in Belgium.

These have been supplemented with the new brands’ Visa Debit and Debit Mastercard, with many advantages such as more extensive online shopping and worldwide acceptance.

In Belgium, debit cards are being issued with these two new brands. Therefore we decided to add the acceptance of these cards in the products ING merchant services and ActivePay to ensure you can continue receiving payments from all consumers.

There will not be any new setup charges or modifications to your account. And best of all, the transaction fees and conditions for these new cards will be the same as for V-Pay and Maestro debit cards.

The update is done automatically and you can accept payments done using Visa Debit and Debit Mastercard at your terminals at the same costs as V-Pay and Maestro debit cards.