Incoming payments

ING Merchant Services

Find the right payment terminal and allow your customers to pay by card.

Most customers prefer to pay by card, whether it be at your place of business or online. Customers also tend to spend more! So whatever the size of your business, give your customers the option of paying by card and give your business a boost! At ING, you will find everything you need to start accepting payments via Bancontact/Mister Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and/or V-Pay.

  • Boost your sales

    Studies have shown that customers tend to spend more when using their card than when paying in cash.

  • Safer than cash

    You have less cash, which increases security.

  • Rent or buy a terminal

    You can rent or buy a mobile or fixed payment terminal, or you can install the ING ActivePay app on your smartphone or tablet.

There will be a new version of the ActivePay app available in the stores very soon. Update your app then to benefit from the advantages! Besides being more performant, this new version also offers additional features such as an option to remember “user ID and password”, retrieve last transactions and landscape option for tablets. Furthermore, the transaction process is more simple and straight forward and contactless transactions will be flagged in the merchant portal.

If you have an iOS device, the update will be pushed automatically to your smartphone, so as easy as any usual app update.

If you have an android device, the update will not be pushed automatically. We will publish a completely new app which you need to download on your smartphone.

1.          Go to the Playstore and search for ING ActivePay version 1.2.3 . Or simply follow this link.

2.          Install the app on your device and do the set-up (login-information does not change).

3.          Pair the new app with your hardware (card reader) - process description can be found here.

4.          All done - new app is ready to work and you can benefit from the advantages! Do not forget to uninstall the old app in order to avoid confusion.


No time to do the update now? Don't worry, your current app will remain working.