Incoming payments

Receive payments in your webshop

Easily and quickly through Payvision

Do you already have a webshop, are you considering starting one, or are you already busy building a webshop? You can easily receive all payments for your webshop through Payvision, ING's partner for receiving online payments. You choose yourself which payment methods your customers can use to pay for their online purchases. Moreover, you have a handy overview of all transactions and your sales at all times.

  • Easy and quick

    Handy and clear: all your online payments in one dashboard.

    Safe and trusted through our partner Payvision

  • For whom?

    Payvision's payment solutions are suitable for anyone who sells products or services online via a webshop, has an active BCE number and an ING business account.

  • Fast integration

    Is your webshop built in Magento 2 and higher, WooCommerce or do you have a Lightspeed webshop? Then you can very easily add the checkout with all payment methods via a plug-in. Do you have a webshop that is completely tailor-made? Then you can ask your webshop builder to link Payvision to your webshop via the API.

  • What does it cost?

    You do not pay any subscription costs for the contract with Payvision. You only pay transaction costs when the customer pays in your webshop. These costs are collected from your business account on a monthly basis.

    Different rates apply per payment method. You pay per transaction or a percentage of the amount paid. PayPal also charges additional costs. See the websites of these providers for more information.

    Cost per transaction (VAT excl.)

    Bancontact                                     € 0.39

    IDEAL                                                € 0.29

    Maestro (domestic + EEA)             € 0.25 + 1.80% (international € 0.25 + 2.80%)

    VPAY (domestic + EEA)                   € 0.25 + 1.80% (international € 0.25 + 2.80%)

    Visa (domestic + EEA)                     € 0.15 + 1.80% (international € 0.15 + 2.80%)

    MasterCard (domestic + EEA)      € 0.15 + 1.80% (international € 0.15 + 2.80%)

    PayPal*                                               € 0.15 + PayPal rate

    AfterPay                                          € 1,00 + 3,2%

    American Express*                          2.9%

    SDD**                                                  € 0.25

    Refund                                                 € 0.25

    Chargeback                                        € 27.50

    * You must conclude an additional contract with the respective party.

    **SDD (Sepa Direct Debit) is only available for web shops that are integrated via the Payvision API

Before you apply for online payment methods through Payvision, it is important that you know which conditions you must fulfill.

We have listed the most important pre-requisites for you.

  • You have a business account with ING (not a third-party account).
  • Your web store is ready and online.
  • Your products are offered in a clear and transparent way.
  • Your general terms and conditions are on your website.
  • Your webshop complies with the Rules of the Economic Law Code (Book III, VI, XII) Belgian data protection legislation and therefore state, among other things *:
  • name of your company
  • geographic address
  • contact details (at least one e-mail address and one other option for direct personal contact)
  • registration number at the Chamber of Commerce (BCE number)
  • VAT number
  • privacy statement, return policy, delivery policy and your general terms and conditions.
  • The products and / or services that you offer on your website do not damage the image of Payvision or ING or that of a payment brand, such as Bancontact, iDEAL, MasterCard or Visa

* This non-exhaustive checklist is for general information purposes. The checklist may not be considered as legal advice regarding the operation of your webshop


In this Payvision checklist you will find the overview with all conditions.

• Payvision conditions

Make sure your webshop meets this checkist. There you will find, among others, the pre-requisites to comply with the Rules of the Economic Law Code (Book III, VI, XII) Belgian data protection legislation