Incoming payments

How to collect recurring payments?

This guide helps you with manually encoding Direct Debits in euros (SEPA) in Business’Bank. Note: The collection of direct debits is a feature that is activated once the SDD contract is signed with ING. For more info, please contact your ING Advisor.

How to encode a new collection for an SDD

  • Business’Bank Menu

  • Account selection

  • Creating or modifying a Direct Debit in euros (SEPA)

1. Business’Bank Menu

After logging in, please select Direct Debits > Creditor > New collection

2. Account selection

Choose the account for which you want to initiate a collection. Here, you can select different accounts linked to the SDD contracts, signed with ING Belgium SA/NV.

3. Creating or modifying a Direct Debit in euros (SEPA)

Next, you have 2 options:

A.  Create a new direct debit

This option allows you to encode a new collection (one-off or first of a series of direct debits). Please fill in these fields carefully. The ones with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

  • Direct Debit reference* - Reference of the mandate, signed by you and your debtor
  • Debtor’s name* - Name of the debtor
  • Debtor’s Account Number* - IBAN Account Number of your debtor
  • Signature Date* - Signature date of the mandate (should be in the past)
  • BIC of Debtor Bank - Bank Identifier Code (BIC) of the Debtor Bank
B.  Select a direct debit

This option allows you to initiate/encode or adjust recurrent collections (for an existing mandate).

Please select the mandate for which you want to initiate/adjust a recurrent collection from the  list.

Are you looking for a mandate that is not in the list? Please go back to option A (see above).

After choosing option A or B, please complete the parameters of the collection in the lower part of the screen. Fields with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

  • Collection type - First collection or Recurrent
  • Amount* - Amount of the collection in Euro
  • Due date* - Date on which your collection will be done (in the future) minimum of 2 bank working days
  • Creditor’s reference* - End-to-End reference of the collection you wish to add in the reporting
  • Structured message or Ordinary message - Extra remark you want to add in a structured communication or in an unstructured communication (free text)

After creating the collection, you have to validate and sign it. Each collection should be validated and signed separately.

After validating and signing the collection, you will be guided to a screen that provides you with an overview of the details of the encoded collection.