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Start selling online in less than 30 minutes

If you ever had plans to start with online selling, now is the time. With Shopitag you can create and launch an e-shop fast and easy. Manage your products and orders from one single place, and sell on Facebook, Instagram and other digital channels. Allow your customers to choose between on-site collect or home delivery. Shopitag does not stand alone: it links with ING’s other digital initiatives such as the mobile payment solution Payconiq and the Joyn platform.

  • Start for free

    Shopitag is based on a freemium model that allows to create your own e-shop for free. You don’t need to pay anything for creating and using your webshop, as long as you don’t exceed 3 transactions per month.

  • Facebook & Insta

    Shopitag allows you to sell on Facebook and Instagram. This can help reach a wide range of customers in no time.

  • 30 minutes

    No prior knowledge is required to get started. Registering and setting up your Shopitag account takes less than 30 minutes. The self-service and ease of use of the platform are highly appreciated by the users.

  • Safe, no contact

    Your customers order and pay online. 

  • No software

    You can manage your Shopitag shop directly through your web browser. By using the Shopitag app you can track your products and orders, as well.

  1. Go to the Shopitag website

    Visit Shopitag on tablet, desktop or smartphone.

    Shopitag website
  2. Enter your personal data

    Fill in the form on Shopitag’s website.

  3. Use Shopitag

    After filling in your info, Shopitag will help you set up your account.