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Create your webshop as easy as a Facebook post.

The Shopitag platform helps makers and small business owners to sell online. The App helps you to post on social media and generates your webshop at the same time. 1 hour work is now 5 minutes. And you don’t need any skill or knowledge upfront.

  • Post on Facebook

    The Shopitag App helps you to publish visibility posts on Facebook, so your followers are aware what you are selling.

  • Set up within 30'

    Registering and setting up your Shopitag account takes less than 30 minutes.

  • No installation

    Everything is safe and secure stored in the cloud

  • iOS and Android

    The Shopitag App is available for all smartphones running iOS or Android

Go to the Shopitag website

Go the Shopitag website on your tablet, desktop or smartphone.

Shopitag website
Enter your personal data

Fill in the form on Shopitag’s website.

Use Shopitag

After filling in your info, Shopitag will help you set up your account.