Incoming payments


Send and receive invoices online with Zoomit

Do you send out a large number of invoices? Use Zoomit and send them as PDF files. Your customers receive them free of charge in their app or online banking service. All the customer has to do is confirm they want to use your financial documents via Zoomit. Then they can pay your invoice instantly, thanks to the pre-completed transfer. Do the same to receive invoices online from your suppliers. And make your life doubly easy!

  • Handy and reliable

    Your customer pays an invoice via Zoomit? Your accounting system automatically detects it as paid. You no longer have to do it yourself!

  • For your customers

    Most of Belgium's banks work with Zoomit. Private individuals, the self-employed and businesses can therefore receive Zoomit invoices free of charge. Irrespective of the bank they are with.

  • Highly secure

    Only you and your client can see the documents.

A large number of institutions and companies already use Zoomit. For example: public authorities, insurance companies, energy and telecom utilities.

Go to the Zoomit website if you too want to be on this list.