Incoming payments


Send and receive invoices online via Zoomit

Do you send more than 2,500 invoices per month? With Zoomit, you can send PDF versions of your invoices, payslips, tax assessments, credit notes or direct debit mandate forms to your customers’ or employees’ app or internet banking service. They will automatically recognise your company in their list of issuers, be able to view the document online and even pay immediately.

  • Less administrative work

    As soon as a customer pays their invoice via Zoomit, an entry will be automatically made in your accounting system showing that the invoice has been paid. Saving you the time and cost of accounts reconciliation!

  • Less expensive than paper invoicing

    Because you do not print or send any physical documents, you will spend less on paper and postage charges.

  • Environmentally friendly

    Online invoicing will allow you to diminish your company’s ecological footprint.

  • Can be used by 70% of your customers:

    Zoomit is compatible with most Belgian banks and can be used by private individuals, self-employed persons and companies free of charge. This means that you will be able to reach the majority of your customers, no matter which bank they use.

  • Only you and your customer can view the documents

    Isabel, Home’Bank and Business’Bank ensure a very high level of security.