Incoming Payments


Enable your customers to pay with their smartphone

Payconiq is a free app which allows your customers to pay using their smartphones, easily and securely. What’s more, there are no subscription or installation costs for you.

  • At your business and on the road

    Accept smartphone payments and offer a loyalty programme in a single package! Send emails to your customers to let them know about promotions, and attract new customers by contacting other users of the app.

  • No investment required

    There are no subscription or installation costs. You just pay a few cents more for each transaction.

  • Track payments in real time

    It’s easy to track your transactions in real time via your smartphone, tablet or computer.

  1. Your customer downloads the Payconiq app and links it to their current account. They can then start using the app at any merchants who accept Payconiq.
  2. To pay for a purchase, the customer simply opens the app and then selects your business from the list of merchants.
  3. You tell them how much to pay.
  4. The customer types the amount into their smartphone and confirms the payment with their PIN.
  5. Done! The payment has been made.
  • It is a practical alternative to cash and card payments.
  • For a very low fee, you have an extra payment method for your business. There are no subscription or installation costs. You just pay a few cents more for each transaction.
  • You can also track your transactions in real time on the merchant portal via your smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • You can create useful reports and statistics based on your transactions and export the data to Excel for further analysis.
  • Mobile payments are the way of the future. With Payconiq, you are already a step ahead!
  • Paying by smartphone is also important for your business.
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Paying by app and collecting points at the same time? Payconiq makes it possible! All your customers have to do is swipe left to open joyn, the digital loyalty card already accepted by a wide range of merchants.

Extremely practical for your customers, but even more so for you:

  • Track your payments and your loyalty programme with a single tool.
  • Let your customers know about promotions, open days or new products by e-mail. Or send them a digital voucher to encourage them to come back sooner.
  • Send e-mails to joyn users who shop in the area, even if they have not visited you before. A great way to attract new customers!
  • See at a glance how your customer shop thanks to useful reports and statistics. So you can adapt your products, prices and special offers accordingly.

Find out more about the benefits of joyn

You pay just 6 cents per transaction. There are no subscription or installation costs.

The offer for services of Payconiq is valid subject to acceptance by ING Belgium SA/NV and, if applicable, by ING Bank nv, and to mutual agreement. The terms and conditions for services (general terms and conditions, rates and other additional information) are available at all ING branches or at

The ‘Payconiq’ services are provided by ING Bank NV (Registered office: Bijlmerplein 888, 1102 MG Amsterdam, Amsterdam Trade Register no. 33031431) and offered via ING Belgium SA/NV (a partner of Payconiq).