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Features and pricing of ING Invoice Solutions

Why use ING Invoice Solutions?

What does ING Invoice Solutions offer me exactly? How much does it cost? What’s the cost of financing my invoices to maintain my cashflow? You can find the answer to these questions – and even more - here below.

  • Get an invoice ready in just a few clicks.
  • The tool reports late payments and creates reminders at a single click.
  • Financing your invoices keeps your accounts clean and simple.
  • Save time with your accountant.


An easy tool to send invoices online

ING Invoice Solutions allows you to create and send your first online invoice in a matter of minutes! Use your tablet or laptop to enter your client information, the amount to be billed, and … your invoice is ready to be sent.

Instant digital dashboard to manage your invoices

Get instant insights in your invoices thanks to the online dashboard built into ING Invoice Solutions. Check the status of your invoices: in draft, sent and waiting for payment, payment reminder sent, paid, and overdue. Thanks to the built-in automatic notifications and digital reporting, following up on your invoices has never been easier.

Invoice financing in one click

Your subscription to ING Invoice Solutions allows you to instantly ask ING to finance your invoices, for a fixed rate of 3% per financed invoice … giving you and your company the necessary financial breather when you need it*. ING becomes responsible for collecting the payment and accepts all the risks associated with this: late payments, client bankruptcy, etc.

*On acceptance of your application

A tool ready for the world

ING Invoice Solutions is available in 6 languages: English, French, Dutch, German, Finnish and Swedish. You can create invoices in practically any currency and set the applicable taxes and VAT rate.

Import and export clients, products and services

You don’t need to manually enter your entire database of products, services and clients into ING Invoice Solutions. Simply import it and start invoicing! Or, export your information to re-upload it into another platform, such as accountancy and CRM software.

Send financial information to your accountant

Create financial reports on turnover and VAT with ING Invoice Solutions, and send them to your accountant. This saves your accountant a lot of redundant work, and you will notice it on the next invoice your accountant sends you!


Time tracking

Do you invoice per hour or per day for specific projects or clients? Use the built-in time tracking in ING Invoice Solutions and immediately create a detailed invoice for your client, all from within the same tool.

Send your invoices!

During your free trial period of ING Invoice Solutions, you can already send your invoices directly as an email using the platform, or export them as PDF to print and archive them.

After your paying subscription to ING Invoice Solutions has been activated, you can even send your invoices through postal mail to anywhere in the world using the platform*. Additionally, you can send them as electronic invoice or e-invoice, a digital invoicing standard mainly used by governments and corporations.

* Postal sending is just 90 cents per invoice sent to Belgium and 1 euro per invoice sent abroad, and 6 cents for each additional page.

Email payment reminders to your clients

ING Invoice Solutions alerts you when an invoice is due for payment or is already overdue, and you can instantly send a payment reminder to your client.

Automatic payment notifications

When you connect your ING Invoice Solutions account with your ING bank account, you’ll be notified automatically when an invoice is paid and the billed amount has been transferred to your account.

Safe and stable software

ING Invoice Solutions is safe and stable software. Your financial data is encrypted and stored in a secure location, and the platform offers maximum availability in line with the standards of ING bank.

We’re here for you

Finally, we’re here to help you through the phone from Monday to Friday from 08:00h to 22:00h, and on Saturday from 09:00h to 17:00h. You can also contact us directly through email, or use our support website to find answers to the most frequently asked questions!

How much does ING Invoice Solutions cost?

  Free Pro
Monthly fee 1 month
15 €
Creating PDF invoices
Accountant reports
Assistance and advice
Invoice financing**

**Pending approval of your file

Sending invoices by post
Reconciliation with ING account
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The monthly subscription fee of ING Invoice Solutions is 100% deductible as a business expense. You can also recover the 21% VAT charged on your subscription.

Did you start your business in the last 18 months? Then you are eligible to benefit from our special -50% promotion for starters for the first year of your paid subscription!

Your reduction will be automatically granted after activating your paid ING Invoice Solutions subscription.

Save 90 euros by choosing a Pro subscription!

Try ING Invoice Solutions for free, for 1 month, without any obligations or legal fine print. Make and send an unlimited number of invoices online, get instant insights in your business financials and generate reports for your accountant: experience it now!

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