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Financial security for your business thanks to invoice financing

Get paid quickly and surely with ING Invoice Solutions

With ING Invoice Solutions you can safeguard against an empty bank account by financing your invoices. With invoice financing* you can be certain to receive your payments quickly!

* After acceptance of your file

  • Protect yourself against an empty bank account
  • Your guarantee against late payers and defaulters
  • You will not run any risk when financing your invoices, quite the opposite!
  • 100% online process, available 24/7
  • Approved financing will be on your account by the latest of the next working day

Business is good, but sometimes your cashflow can be jeopardised when you have to wait for your customers to pay your invoices. Meantime your costs are piling up and you must pay your suppliers. Perhaps you also have a customer who has difficulties to pay your invoices in due time …

Invoice financing from ING can help you. Once your invoice has been accepted for financing, ING will organise the further monitoring of the invoice and possible recovery. Meanwhile you will receive an advance on your invoice paid by ING. In this way you will be spared from any troubles about the payment of your invoice!


You choose which invoice(s) you want to have financed.


Your customer will receive an email requesting online confirmation of your invoice.


You will receive the invoice amount by the latest on the next working day after confirmation by your customer.

Once the "Financing" function has been activated in ING Invoice Solutions for your account and after your file has been accepted by ING, you can request financing of your invoices at any time: 100% online, 24/7.

An invoice can be financed when it:

  • is for a customer in Belgium
  • is for a business customer with a business number/VAT number
  • is in euros
  • has a payment deadline with a maximum of 60 days
  • doesn’t exceed your financing limit. set at 25,000 euros for all your invoices jointly

There is no annual or fixed charge to request financing and use it in ING Invoice Solutions.

You will only pay 3% service charges on each invoice financed including VAT, which means that the VAT on your invoice will also be financed. The service charge will be automatically deducted once the amount financed has been transferred to your bank account after your application and after the invoice has been approved by your customer (as stipulated in the 3 above stages).

You will only pay 3% service charges for financed invoices.

Invoice financing is a professional expense and not a loan. As a result a financed invoice in no way impacts on your credit status with the Central Corporate Credit Register (CCCR). In addition the service charges are fully deductible as business expenses in your accountancy.

To use invoice financing you must be a paying customer of ING Invoice Solutions. Then you can access the "Financing" tab whereby you can choose the invoice(s) you want to have financed by ING.

Invoice financing is only offered to paying customers who meet ING’s credit requirements.

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