Online invoicing software for freelancers and SME's: ING Invoice Solutions
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Online invoicing software for freelancers and SME’s

ING Invoice Solutions

Send invoices online on your tablet and computer with ING Invoice Solutions. Choose invoices to be financed so you can maintain your cashflow, and even generate financial reports for your accountant.

Sending out an invoice, it should be the cherry on the cake for your hard work. Over time, the joy of making and sending disappears however. It gets replaced by the dread of paperwork and administrative to-do’s …

Let’s turn this around. ING Invoice Solutions is online invoicing software built for freelancers and SME’s, and meant to make your life easier. Create, send and follow up your invoices online, and liberate yourself from administrative hurdles. Free up time for things that really matter – for you and for your business.

Online invoicing software: ING Invoice Solutions

  • Your online invoice in 1-2-3, wherever you are!

    Use your tablet or laptop to enter your client information, the amount to be billed, and … your invoice is ready to be sent! This way, you can ask for client approval on-site, and only need to press “Send invoice” to email your online invoice to your client. Invoice quicker, and get paid quicker thanks to electronic invoicing with ING Invoice Solutions!

  • No need to follow up on your invoices, we’ll do it for you

    ING Invoice Solutions automatically alerts you every time an invoice has been paid and the invoice amount has been deposited on your bank account. Additionally, you can also send payment reminders to your clients when the due date of an invoice is coming up.

  • Ready-made reporting for your accountant!

    With ING Invoice Solutions, you can export your invoices and client information in different file formats, ready to be used by your accountant in the most common accounting software. Thanks to this digital approach your accountant will save time processing your invoices, you’ll save time getting your paperwork in order … and eventually all of this will save you money.

  • Invoice financing whenever you need it

    Select invoices in ING Invoice Solutions you would like to have financed, and after online approval ING will finance them immediately. The amount will be transferred to your bank account instantly. Your cashflow will never be at risk again because of unpaid invoices, thanks to our online factoring!

  • Instant insights in your business financials

    The online dashboard built into ING Invoice Solutions give you instant insights in how your business is doing financially. Check out your biggest clients and best-selling products or services … and which turnover this generates for you.

Start using ING Invoice Solutions

Try ING Invoice Solutions for free, for 1 month, without any obligations or legal fine print. Make and send an unlimited number of invoices online, get instant insights in your business financials and generate reports for your accountant: experience it now!