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Features and pricing of ING Invoice Solutions

Online invoicing software for self-employed and SMEs

ING Invoice Solutions can really help you manage your business. Here are all our features and pricing!

ING Invoice Solutions is an online invoicing solution designed for self-employed persons, freelancers and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

ING Invoice Solutions invites you to ...

  • Create your invoices, receipts and estimates with your products and services
  • Send your invoices by email, post or as e-invoices (governments and corporates)
  • Easily track those invoices (paid vs unpaid or due) thanks to your ING bank account reconciliation
  • Easily send a reminder for due invoices
  • Easily transfer your financial data to your accountant
  • Invoice anywhere and anytime on your smartphone or tablet
  • Track your working time and turn it into an invoice

No invoice, no income. Invoicing is one of the most important parts of your business. It’s related to your business survival.

  • Send your invoice

    Make sure your customer knows how to pay for the sale or service you provided. Which amount, to which account, for what exactly. Also you are sure your invoices are 100% legally valid. 

  • Send an estimate

    You are being compared to your competitors, make sure your estimate looks clear and professional if you want to increase your chances of getting that sale or market!

  • Deliver a receipt

    You already delivered the product or service you sold and your customer already paid you. Deliver them with a receipt so they have a proof it’s paid and you keep a trace of that transaction in your accounting.

  • Send a reminder

    Your invoice is now largely overdue. Send a reminder to your customer in a few clicks.

  • Credit note

    Something changed in your transaction or you mistyped the amount... but you already sent your invoice to your customer. No problem: call them to cancel it or send them a credit note to fix the wrong invoice.

  • Delivery note

    When you send goods to a customer, you can join a delivery note that will list the whole content of the shipment.

You can choose (or let your customers choose) how you will send your invoices. Here are the options available to you:

With a trial account:

With a paying account, you also get access to:

If you want to ensure a steady business, you have to follow up on your invoices. If they are not paid, your business will be endangered! ING Invoice Solutions makes it easy for you to know the status on your sent invoices and to act on it if necessary.

A quick look and you know exactly how your business is doing ...

  • The donut graph on the dashboard gives you a quick general insight on your invoicing situation aka the incoming money to your account as outstanding or overdue amounts.
  • You can also get insights directly from your products, clients and invoices tabs: how many invoices, for which amounts, which period, etc.
  • The advanced reporting gives you more detailed informations, fitting for your accountant or VAT declaration: you can export them to Excel or PDF.

Don't wait to know exactly how your business is doing. The whole picture is available for you in ING Invoice Solutions... instantly!

Create, send and track your invoices entirely from your smartphone!

Your business takes you on the road or on remote sites? Then ING Invoice Solutions on mobile never leaves your side... like your phone.

  • Invoice on the fly. Do not postpone (and forget) invoicing your clients! Do it as soon as you have 2 minutes, wherever you are and whenever you want.
  • Track your invoices. Check the status of your invoice and instantly send a reminder for an overdue invoice.
  • Manage your clients and products. Add, delete or edit any client or product in your lists.

All you need is your smartphone and internet to enjoy your freedom to invoice!

Find out more features on ING Invoice Solutions:

  • Automatically send your invoices to your accountant via CodaBox or Yuki.
  • Get an overview on your business activity with financial reports and graphs.
  • Log your working time and generate timesheets or invoices thanks to our time tracker!

How much does ING Invoice Solutions cost?

  Free Pro
Monthly fee 1 month
15 €
VAT excluded
Send invoices, estimates, receipts
Accountant reports
Assistance and advice
Send post invoices or e-invoices
Automatic payment matching with your ING bank account
Connect to accounting apps CodaBox or Yuki
Add multiple users to your account Available in Team and Unlimited

Would you like to try ING Invoice Solutions? Try ING Invoice Solutions 1 month for free and find out for yourself how easy and convenient the platform is!