Outgoing Payments

SEPA European standing orders

Never forget another payment

Ideal for fixed and recurring payments like your rent or monthly savings. You decide how much and how often to pay. Save time with a standing order! And it's 100% free!

  • Automatic payment

    You need not think of anything, as the transfer is executed automatically.

  • Save time

    Because everything happens automatically, you need not enter the same payments every month. It is guaranteed to save you time.

  • Manage payments yourself

    You create your standing order and only adjust it when necessary.

A standing order ensures that a fixed amount is periodically transferred to the same account. This can be weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. In short: whenever you need it. You can set a standing order for payments to any other account in the European payment area, including your own.

A standing order is useful for everyone who regularly transfers the same amount to the same account (within the European payment area), for instance to pay the rent.

You create your standing order in Business'Bank or Telelink Online. From then on the payment is made automatically.

The use of standing orders is entirely free.