ING ePay

Payment system for your online shop

Do you want to start an online shop or have one already? With ING ePay, you choose how your customers can pay for their online purchases. Adding a payment page is really easy and you are given a summary showing you at a glance transactions and revenue.

And if you sign up for ING ePay before 1 May, you'll pay zero monthly subscription fees until September 2017.


Free test account

Try out the payment page on your online shop using fictitious payments. If you decide to use the payment system, there are no installation or starting costs.

Most payment methods

Bancontact, Maestro, V-Pay, Visa, MasterCard, iDeal and bank transfer. Never miss out on an order again! You choose when you want the money paid into your ING account, for example every day.

Free, easy installation

You simply install a free plug-in and the payment page will start working immediately on online shop software such as Magento, WooCommerce, OS Commerce and Prestashop. For other software packages or self-made websites, we will explain step by step how it works.

Help is at hand

Organise everything with ING: your contract, setting up your payment page and processing your payments.

Online checkout always accessible

You can sign in on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Who is the ING ePay online payment system for?

  • E-commerce beginners
  • Merchants who want to have an online presence in addition to their physical shop
  • Web designers who need an online payment system for their customers' websites
  • Existing online shops
  • Institutions and associations that want to receive online gifts and orders

What do I need to use ING ePay?

To try out ING ePay for free, simply request a test account. All you have to do is enter your e-mail address, company name and password. With this account you can add the payment page to your online shop and use test payments to try it out. If you then decide to use this payment system, the terms are as follows:

  • You have an ING account for professional use. We will transfer your customers' payments into this account.
  • You have an active CBE number.
  • Your online shop is ready and online.
  • Your offered products are clearly visible.
  • Your general terms and conditions are provided in your online shop.

How much does ING ePay cost?

Fixed amount Percentage
Monthly costs Free
(€12/month from September 2017)
Transactions on your online shop
Bancontact 0.15 euros per transaction 1.5% of the purchase amount
Maestro/V-Pay 0.15 euros per transaction 1.5% of the purchase amount
Visa/MasterCard 0.15 euros per transaction 2.5% of the purchase amount
Transfer free free
iDeal 0.49 euros per transaction
Refunds 0.25 euros per refund

How much you pay each month for ING ePay depends on the payment method your customer uses , the price of the products sold and the number of transactions.

An example with Bancontact: suppose that you sell a product costing 10 euros on your online shop. You pay ING 1.5% of the price per product sold. In this case, you pay 15 cents.

This month, 100 customers buy that product. They pay using Bancontact. The calculation below shows what you will pay for ING ePay this month:

  • 12 euros + (0.15 euros x 100 Bancontact transactions) + ((1.5% x 10 euros sales price) x 100 products sold) = 42 euros per month

That amounts to 12 euros in monthly fees, 15 euros for 100 bancontact transactions and 0.15 euros per product sold.

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Get going and find your first happy customer.

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