Digital loyalty programme


  • Reward your customers’loyalty
  • Boost your visibility
  • Analyse buying behaviour

Offering your customers a discount, special offer or gift will keep them coming back for more. And with joyn, managing your loyalty programme is easier than ever! Your customers can save up points at several merchants separately with just 1 digital loyalty card. While giving you as a merchant powerful insights into their buying behaviour so you can adapt your product range and special offers accordingly.

How does joyn work?

  1. You download the joyn app to your iPad or order an iPad from joyn. The same applies if you have multiple cash registers or points of sale.
  2. Your clients install joyn on their smartphones or use the loyalty card.
  3. There is a QR code in the app and on the loyalty card. When making a purchase, the customer holds this code up to the screen of your iPad and automatically receive points on their loyalty card.
  4. You decide how many points you will give your customers, and what gifts or discounts they will receive. There are 2 types of loyalty programmes:
    • Your customers get points each time they make a purchase
    • Your customers get points based on the amount they spend
    Or for a fully tailored programme, contact your ING liaison officer.

Why is joyn good for your business and your customers?

  • Let your customers know about promotions, open days or new products by e-mail. Or send them a digital voucher to encourage them to come back sooner.
  • Send e-mails to joyn users who are shopping in the area and have not yet visited you, giving you an opportunity to attract new customers.
  • View a clear overview of all your transactions and all loyalty points earned by your customers via the merchant portal. 
  • See at a glance how your customers shop via practical reports and statistics. So you can adjust your prices and special offers accordingly.

Smartphone payments and a loyalty programme in a single package

A single app for collecting points and paying for purchases in store? Yes, it does exist! joyn is fully integrated in Payconiq, the app that lets customers pay with their smartphone. Customers first go to the joyn tab in Payconiq, where they will find their QR code. After scanning this code, they then pay for their purchase via the same app.

Together, joyn and Payconiq are not only extremely practical for your customers but even more so for you:

  • Track both incoming payments and your loyalty programme via a single tool.
  • Add an extra payment method for your business with no initial investment.
  • Pay zero subscription or installation fees, just a few cents on each transaction.

Discover the benefits of Payconiq in full

What does joyn cost?

  • Basic: 39 euros per month per business
    • Reward your customers for their loyalty
    • Get data on your customers' buying behaviour
    • Send out digital vouchers
  • Premium: 49 euros per month per business All the options of the basic package, plus:
    • Send e-mails to potential customers who already use joyn
    • Generate extra visibility via the joyn website
    • Integrate your campaigns on Facebook

Interested in joyn?

Contact your ING liaison officer.

Other advantages of joyn

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