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Get more cashflow thanks to invoice financing

Another reason to use ING Invoice Solutions

Thanks to ING Invoice Solutions, you will no longer be blocked by a lack of cash money on your bank account. Get an advance on invoices you sent to your clients through invoice financing. Have a look and see by yourself how convenient it is. When you feel comfortable with the tool, subscribe so you can use the financing* function.

* Pending approval of your application

  • Cover temporary cash shortages.

  • 100% online process, available 24/7.

  • Instant confirmation of your financing request.

  • Approved finances are transferred to your account the next working day at the latest.

  • Forget worrying about late payments.

You have a healthy business with ample turnover, but sometimes you are blocked by a lack of working capital. Despite a close follow-up on invoicing through ING Invoice Solutions, your clients don’t always pay your invoices on the due date … but incoming invoices and investments still need to be paid.

This is where invoice financing can help you out. Through financing, ING gives you an advance on invoices you have sent to your clients but which haven’t been paid yet. This way, you can cover temporary cash shortages and you no longer need to wait for your clients to pay their invoices.

There are just 3 easy steps to receive invoice financing:

  • Step 1

  • In ING Invoice Solutions, just select one or more invoices sent to Belgian companies, and we will immediately tell you if we can finance these invoices. You can decide independently how many invoices, and exactly which invoices, you would like to receive financing for. The maximum amount per invoice that we can currently finance is €25.000. We do not apply a minimum amount.

  • Step 2

  • An email will automatically be sent to your client. Your client needs to confirm the invoice through our online portal.

  • Step 3

  • Following confirmation by your client, the full financing amount will be transferred to your ING account on the following working day at the latest. The costs of financing (3%) will be deducted from the transferred amount.

Sometimes, your client can be difficult or meet difficulties. Should it be the case, as soon as your invoice is validated for financing, ING becomes the owner of that invoice and will take care of follow up and possible recovery.

You are relieved of any risks or worries regarding your financed invoices!

There is no yearly cost involved for requesting and using the ING Invoice Solutions financing.

The only cost for you is the fixed fee of 3% on every financed invoice, which is deducted from the amount being transferred to your ING account after your financing request has been approved and once your client has confirmed your invoice.

Only the invoices selected by you for financing, and which have subsequently been approved and financed, will be charged the 3% fee for the service.

Start using ING Invoice Solutions

To use invoice financing, you need to be a paying subscriber to ING Invoice Solutions. Invoice financing is only available to paying clients who meet ING’s credit terms.

Click here to try ING Invoice Solutions 1 month for free, and upgrade to a paying subscription when you’re convinced of the platform!