Direct Debit

SEPA Direct Debit

Direct debit
  • In Belgium and Europe

  • Transparent procedure

  • Efficient cash management

Do you want to collect recurring payments in an easy manner? If so, ING ​SEPA Direct Debit is the ideal solution. After receiving approval once, you can debit the amount due automatically every time, both in Belgium and in the rest of Europe. From 1 February 2014, the SEPA direct debit will completely replace the Belgian direct debit (DOM 80). Thereafter, payment methods will be the same throughout Europe.​


  • Transparent procedure: in all SEPA countries payments can be collected in the same way using a direct debit.
  • Financially interesting: the collection will cost you less because you only need one bank.
  • Efficient cash management: since amounts are collected automatically, payments are more punctual. As a result, you have better control of your cash flow.
  • Simple method: once the agreement is signed, you do not have to undertake any more actions. Within SEPA, one account is enough for all payments.

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