Reporting in digital format

CODA reports

  • Tailored electronic output

  • Time and efficiency gains

  • Accounting package compatible

Are you looking for an easy way to receive your daily account information in digital format? Do you want to be able to automatically reconcile your invoices in your accounting package? ING offers you an efficient reporting solution in the form of CODA files (coded statement of account).​

Your benefits

  • Time savings: with our reporting solution you directly integrate the electronic information on account transactions into your ERP package. So you do not need to reconcile invoices manually.
  • Tailored electronic output: depending on the requirements of your accounting package, you can choose for files with aggregated or individual transactions.
  • Various channels: the information is available via Isabel, FTP, FileAct or Business’Bank, among others.

Interested in our CODA reporting solution?

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