Account opening – Request to open an account

You are in the mandate management Help section and not within our secure environment. If your Business’Bank or Telelink@Isabel session expires, all you have to do is reconnect. To avoid your secure session expiring, click on the screen of your Business’Bank or Telelink@Isabel session every 5 minutes.

Purpose of the screen

On this screen, you can open a new account for a legal entity.

  • You can copy from an existing account. In this case, the characteristics and mandates of the selected account are applied to the new account. The following conditions are also copied across: the ING branch where the account to be copied is managed, the method of sending account statements and the access to Home'Bank Plus or Telelink@Isabel.
  • You can open a new account with new characteristics and new mandates.

If you would like to open an account for a legal entity that is not yet an ING client, select ''Opening an account for new legal entity'' and you will be redirected automatically towards our website.

Possible actions

  • Choose the legal entity for which you wish to open a new account. To access this functionality, you must be a mandate holder with power to sign, a legal representative or an Agent under an Agent Agreement with ING.
  • Then select the type of account you would like to open. You can choose between :
    • an ING Corporate Plus account (current account),
    • an ING Orange Savings Account (savings account)
    • and a Green Book (savings account).
  • Click on "Next" to copy an existing account or set up a new one.

If you choose to copy an existing account, enter the number of the account to be copied or select it from the list. Please note an account can only be copied if you already have an account of the same type.

Whether for copying or opening an account, you always have the option to add an alias and modify the contact information for the new account. Your own information is completed by default but you can easily amend this.
The information is used only as part of this specific request. The contact person is advised when the request is processed.