Order of an Isabel card

You are in the mandate management Help section and not within our secure environment. If your Business’Bank or Telelink@Isabel session expires, all you have to do is reconnect. To avoid your secure session expiring, click on the screen of your Business’Bank or Telelink@Isabel session every 5 minutes.

Purpose of the screen

On this screen, you can enter the user details of whom you want to order a new Isabel card for the existing subscription.
ING will order a new Isabel card for this person based on those details.

Possible actions

To add a new Isabel user you have to fill in some details. Click on "Validate" to confirm them and finalise the order. Make sure that you communicate the new user's correct work e-mail address.

Isabel e-Banking: With Isabel e-Banking you control all your accounts, including those with other banks. You can appoint several users for Isabel eBanking, who share work and responsibilities. The program is aligned seamlessly to your accounting package.

Isabel e-Government: With Isabel e-Government you can digitally sign and submit all your professional transactions including those relating to the National Bank and the NSSO.