List of Isabel users

You are in the mandate management Help section and not within our secure environment. If your Business’Bank or Telelink@Isabel session expires, all you have to do is reconnect. To avoid your secure session expiring, click on the screen of your Business’Bank or Telelink@Isabel session every 5 minutes.

Purpose of the screen

This screen gives an overview of the Isabel users, their ID and the account they are a mandate holder for under the selected legal entity.
If the mandate holder has an Isabel card, the userID of this person is mentioned. If according to the ING systems the mandate holder does not yet have an Isabel card, you can order a new one.
Caution: this only applies to ordering new cards. If this mandate holder already has an Isabel card and wants to activate it at ING, go to this page.

Possible actions

Here is a list of the options on this screen:

  • Filtering: click on the title of the columns to filter the information.
  • Sorting: click on the arrows to sort out the information (in ascending or descending order).
  • Print: click on "Print" to get a printable version of the mandates overview. You keep your filter and sorting options, so you can print what you see on the screen.