Civil Liability Insurance (CLI)

Insurer : AXA Belgium.

Civil liability insurance for companies. Your liability is invoked for damage caused to third parties or the environment while you or your employees are at work? With our various liability insurances (depending on your activity) your company is financially secure. Please read the information document about the product and the general terms and conditions before signing. You can obtain the general terms and conditions from your ING branch.

  • Financial protection in the event of damages caused to third parties

    For example, you will be reimbursed if you are held liable for a poorly installed product or a customer's injuries following a fire in your business.

  • Tailored to your profession or sector

    Whether you work in the hospitality industry, have a business or are a lawyer, there is the right liability insurance for every profession, according to your activity. Please contact your ING banker for a tailor-made coverage.

  • Compulsory insurance

    We ensure that you choose the right insurance for your profession. For example, an architect is liable for 10 years for damage that may jeopardize the strength or stability of a building.

You or one of your employees damage the car of a third party or a product made by you is defective and causes damage to its users? With our liability insurances you can continue your activity without worries.

Your contract has a minimum duration of one year. On each annual expiry date, the contract is automatically renewed for a further period of one year, unless you terminate it at the latest 3 months before the expiry date.

The premium is calculated according to your needs.

All the liability insurance policies can be grouped under the following 5 categories :

  • Operator's liability With this you are insured for damage caused by your company to third parties, e.g. if an employee causes fire or damage to property during his work at the customer's premises.
  • Liability after delivery You are insured if a product you have delivered causes damage to customers and you are held liable for this. Suppose you sell washing machines. If something goes wrong with the installation of such a washing machine, the customer can hold you liable for any water damage caused by it.
  • Objective liability You need this insurance if your business or enterprise is open to the public. After all, visitors or customers can hold you liable for injuries sustained in your business, for example in the event of merchandise falling off the rack or an explosion.
  • Professional liability This insures the civil liability of persons and companies that provide services, for example estate agents, accountants, auditors, doctors, veterinarians, surveyors, legal agents, etc.
  • Ten-year liability All players in the construction sector (architects, contractors and other service providers) who carry out work on residential properties, with the compulsory intervention of an architect, are obliged to insure their liability for 10 years. This insurance covers damage related to the solidity, stability and water tightness of the framework of the building.
  • damage caused intentionally,
  • repeated damage of the same origin caused by failure to take precautions,
  • claims for disputing fees and costs,
  • amount of compensation in excess of the compensation limits (limitation of coverage).

Please read the information document on the product (FR) and the general terms and conditions before subscribing. You can obtain the general terms and conditions from your ING branch.

Insurance and conflict of interest

You can read the general information on insurance and the description of the conflict of interest policy, including benefits, of ING Belgium SA/nv and of the insurer. To do so, go to and go to "Rates and Regulations > Information and Regulations > Insurance".

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The liability insurance is subject to Belgian law. It is offered to you, subject to acceptance, by :

Insurance intermediary ING Belgium SA/nv, an insurance broker registered with the FSMA under the code number 0403200393. Registered office: Avenue Marnix 24, B-1000 Brussels - RPR Brussels - VAT BE 0403.200.393 - - BIC: BBRUBEBB - IBAN: BE45 3109 1560 2789.

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