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Insurer : AXA Belgium

Insurance against hacking and cyber fraud. Not everyone is equally active online. That's why we propose insurance to protect you against online fraud and damage to your reputation: cyber insurance. Ideal if you have a website or are on social media for your business.

  • Technical help

    Technical assistance in the event of hacking or loss of data. The costs of repurchasing software and making backups are refunded.

  • Protection

    Financial protection in the event of lost sales due to, e.g., a server failure. So you can make up for lost revenue.

  • Damage reputation

    We offer various alternatives: cleaning up and possibly repressing the harmful information, mediation or even legal action.

The Cyber insurance consists of various coverages that protect you against the cyber risks of your professional activity. You can opt for a standard formula and/or a comprehensive formula which, subject to conditions, provides for an increased indemnity and, within the framework of the 'Cyber extortion attempt' coverage, the reimbursement of any ransom demanded.

Your contract has a term of one year. On each annual expiry date, the contract is automatically renewed for a further period of one year, unless you terminate it at the latest three months before the expiry date.

The Cyber-insurance contract is tailored to your personal needs, which means that the premium is personalized.

You can opt for a standard formula with an insured amount of 50,000 euros per claim or a comprehensive formula with an insured amount of 100,000 euros per claim. For both formulas, there is a limit of 15,000 euros for the recovery of data following a virus.

In this way you are insured for, among other things :

  • damage to data and programs: the cost of repurchasing software and making backups will be refunded;
  • violation of personal data protection and notification (customer data is disseminated without authorization): the cost of finding the perpetrator and informing your customers will be refunded;
  • cyber-compression attempts: the cost of removing the virus will be refunded;
  • loss of turnover if your web shop no longer works: we reimburse the estimated loss of turnover and damage to your reputation (with an underlying limit of 1,500 euros per day);
  • civil cyber liability: we compensate damage to third parties, e.g. image damage or violation of private life. The insurance covers your civil liability up to 250,000 euros per claim and per insurance year;
  • damage to your online reputation: we reimburse the amicable procedure, removal of offensive comments on social media, mediation and judicial solution.
  • Absence, non-updating, deactivation and inactivation of an antivirus and/or firewall and known system security deficiencies;
  • successive claims due to the same cause, use of illegally acquired software and unlawful collection of data;
  • costs of improving the computer system, programs and data or the security system;

Please read the product information document (FR) and the General Terms and Conditions before signing. You can obtain the General Terms and Conditions at your ING branch.

  • If your company uses the Windows XP operating system, you cannot take out insurance against hacking and cyber fraud.
  • If your company has already been the victim of a cyber-attack, we will carry out an additional investigation before you can take out the insurance.
  • The legal aid option has been split up into various partial guarantees with exemptions.

About the insurance policies and conflicts of interest : you can find general information about the insurance policies and a description of the conflict of interest policy, including the benefits:

  • of ING Belgium nv, as insurance intermediary: Go to and then follow "Rates and Regulations > Information and Regulations > Insurance policies".
  • of AXA Belgium, as insurance company: go to    

Contact us :

  • ING Complaint Management, Cours Saint-Michel 60, 1040 Brussels.
  • Call +32 2 547 61 012 or
  • mail to

This complaint will be forwarded to AXA who will deal with your complaint.

If the dispute is not resolved in this way, you can contact the Ombudsman for banking disputes Ombudsfin, North Gate II. Boulevard du Roi Albert II 8,1000 Brussels. Call +32 2 545 77 70 or email –

The cyber insurance is subject to Belgian law. It is offered to you, subject to acceptance by :

Insurance intermediary : ING Belgium SA/nv, an insurance broker, registered with the FSMA under the code number 0403.200.393. Registered office: Avenue Marnix 24, B-1000 Brussels - RPR Brussels - VAT BE 0403.200.393 - - BIC: BBRUBEBB - IBAN: BE45 3109 1560 2789.

Insurer : AXA Belgium, S.A. of insurances authorised under n° 0039 to practise the life and non-life branches (KB04-07-1979, BS 14-07-1979) at the National Bank of Belgium, located at Boulevard de Berlaimont 14, B-1000 Brussels - Main office: Place du Trône 1 - B-1000 Brussels (Belgium) - Website: www. - Tel.: 02 678 61 11 - Fax: 02 678 93 40 - KBO-No.: VAT BE 0404.483.367 RPR Brussels 7.06.5833 - 0616.


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